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» » Service Agreements for SMB Consultants - A Quick Start Guide for Managed Services

Service Agreements for SMB Consultants - A Quick Start Guide for Managed Services by Karl W. Palachuk

Service Agreements for SMB Consultants - A Quick Start Guide for Managed Services
Service Agreements for SMB Consultants - A Quick Start Guide for Managed Services
Karl W. Palachuk
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Great Little Book Publishing Co., Inc.; 1st edition (July 1, 2006)
185 pages
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Business & Money
Small Business & Entrepreneurship
Everyone knows it - spoken agreements aren t worth the paper they re written on. The SMB Consultant is facing changes we never imagined a few years ago. Managed services are everywhere. Franchised tech support is taking off. And now big corporations are trying to compete in the SMB Space. Whether you like it or not, you need to make some changes in order to meet the challenges of the next few years. Service agreements literally define your business. If you re not using them, you need to start today. If you are using them, great! Just make sure that they truly represent who you are and how you want to define your business. Whether you sell your services hourly, in blocks of time, or with a Managed Services plan, you need a good service agreement. You need this book! As with his other books, Karl gives you more than just the forms. This book includes best practices and lots of great information to help you run your business more prosperously! Includes downloads of all the critical forms and agreements!
  • X-MEN
I don't know why there are all these reviews that say you cannot download the content. Just do what it says in the book. Go to (...) and register. You will have to send a copy of your Amazon invoice to prove you own the book. Personally I like this better than including a CD. That would probably add cost to the book.

Anyway, this is a great book. I'm about halfway through, and it has really helped me understand the importance of service agreements.
  • Rainbearer
Its a good book with some good content and I appreciate the way its concisely but yet thoroughly conveyed. However, like another review, you will not receive the online content purchasing it from Amazon and you will receive no responses emailing the links on his website. I did purchase some of his others books from his website and was able to download the promised content. For this book I actually purchased it twice, once from Amazon to read and once from his website to obtain the downloaded forms. The website functions as an automated selling machine, with no support behind it. Ironic. But kudos to the author, he is selling a product. a good one.
  • Fani
A great resource and wish I read it much sooner than I did. Karl did a great job here.
  • Venemarr
I just completed this book and I found that it had many good ideas... and not just about SLA's. It seems that most books in this sector (Managed Services) are on the expensive side, but I believe that the content of the book as well as the CD make it a fair price. The key for me is how well/easily I can implement the idea's contained within this book. If I have the time I'll do a follow up to this review. But for now, as far as an informative read goes, this book is worth the time and money.
  • Xisyaco
Still finishing this book up , but an excellent book and an easy read that tells you a lot of great info. I'm a starting out MSP, but I could see the value no matter where you are in your business
  • Jarortr
Hard to justify the cost for such a small book. However, the value lies in what you get out of the book. I would give it 5 stars if they weren't so greedy in pricing this small book so high.
  • iSlate
This is a decent book that provides some good information, however it does not come with the CD containing digital copies of the agreements. Nobody answers requests for access to the online content that the book promises as part of your purchase. Karl does not respond on Twitter. There's really no way to get any of the content in a digital format. Be prepared to type out anything you find useful.
*** UPDATE!!! ***

I first wrote my review below 5 years ago and I came back here to report that I was indeed able to establish a flourishing operation and to this day I still refer back to this book - the value I've gained from it is priceless. I've also purchased Karl's Network Documentation Workbook, his project planner book, and Relax, Focus, Succeed - not to mention subscribing to his blog. Every one has been an outstanding resource and I continue to succeed thanks in a huge way to Karl's publications. Karl has a remarkable gift and the fact that he is willing and able to share his formulas for success is a God-send for the rest of us in this business. Thanks Karl!

If you want to offer service agreements to your IT customers, or are not sure of the value of selling service agreements, buy and read this book. When you are finished, you will be able to start offering service agreements - it's as simple as that. Thanks to Karl, I'm in the process of proposing 4 service agreements. The $50.00 for the book will be paid for by the first one so it's definitely money well-spent. On that note, I appreciate the short, concise format because that made it that much easier and faster to read. Technology books with hundreds of pages are more often than not nothing but "fat." Not with Karl's book - lean and right to the point.

Whether you know nothing, something, or a lot about IT service agreements, this book is an excellent resource. It will show you nearly everything you need to know about service agreements, from the perspective of someone who is obviously very adept at running his own IT business.

In the past when I tried to come up with something on my own, I just stared at a blank screen. Although I could come up with a handful of bullets of what should be included in a service agreement, Karl points out many things I hadn't thought of, including what not to cover. He also provides actual frameworks and examples of the agreement language. I really like his practice of having more than one type of agreement.