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» » Season For Goodbye (Turtleback School & Library Binding Edition) (One Last Wish)

Season For Goodbye (Turtleback School & Library Binding Edition) (One Last Wish) by Lurlene McDaniel

Season For Goodbye (Turtleback School & Library Binding Edition) (One Last Wish)
Season For Goodbye (Turtleback School & Library Binding Edition) (One Last Wish)
Lurlene McDaniel
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Turtleback Books (March 1, 1995)
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Growing Up & Facts of Life
  • Levion
"A Season for Goodbye" by Lurlene McDaniel helped me realize that people with medical problems can be just as normal as you and me. Each of the three main characters-Katie, Lacey, and Chelsea, has a medical problem and problems with guys. Katie, who survived a heart transplant, has to choose whether to go to college and run track on a scholarship in Arizona or stay with her boyfriend, Josh, in Michigan. Lacey has diabetes and her boyfriend, Jeff, who has hemophilia, doesn't trust her feelings toward him because of how she used to deny her diabetes to fit into the "in" crowd. He felt that if she couldn't face reality, how could she possibly love him and his disease. Chelsea survived a heart transplant and by the end of the book she was over her fear of romance. One part of the book that was really intense was when the Jenny House (the place they all stayed at for the summer) started on fire. How did it start? Did Dullas, a mean orphan who has luekemia, do it? Even though summer comes to an end and they all go their separate ways, they will always remember the experiences they shared that summer. If you enjoy a touching, realistic romance story, you'll love "A Season for Goodbye".
  • INvait
I really liked hearing about Lacey and Jeff in "All the Days of Her Life". When I found out about this book, of course I had to read it find out what happened to Jeff and Lacey. To be honest, I was pretty dissapointed with this book.

The only other character I'd read about in this book besides Lacey was Katie, in "Someone Lives, Someone Dies". All I can say is woow, people change.

Lacey, Katie, and Chelsea are all meeting up at Jenny House for another amazing summer. This time Chelsea and Lacey will have campers to look after instead of being campers. Lacey gets a sweet little 12 year old girl with CF. Chelsea gets 2 girls. And Katie gets 3 girls with cancer. One of the girls, Dullus, is really frustrating. She doesn't want to participate, and talks back. Personally, Dullus was probably my favorite character. I loved how she started out not loving the counselors, and ended not loving them.

Chelsea's really nervous to learn that D.J.'s working in the stables, but knows that he must hate her, since she got the heart his sister needed. Meaning she survived while his sister died. I honestly found Chelsea to be a pointless character.

Next is Katie, who doesn't know whether to take the track scolarship to University of Arizona. She knows that Josh doesn't want her to go, and she's confused about what to do. She doesn't deserve to be with Josh. Josh loves her so much and wants to be with her, yet she gets all mad at him for not giving her enough "space". God Katie. Get a life.

Last is Lacey, who's doing ok. She keeps on trying to convinve Jeff that she really wants to be with him, but he's not convinced. Lacey gets frustrated at him and blows up at him. Then Jeff winds up in the hospital, and Lacey's really worried. Jeff's ok though.

To make up for a mostly bad book, there's a big scene in the end where Lacey and Jeff get back together. Sigh....true love.

If you do read the book, only read it for the story of Lacey and Jeff, and skip though the parts of the book about Katie and Chelsea.
  • Kefrannan
A Season for Goodbye by Lurlene McDaniel gets the readers attention in every way possible. It has comedy, suspense which keeps the readers hooked to keep on reading and finding out what is going to happen next, a few conflicts that get resolved eventually and a bit of tragedy that brings tears to its reader's eyes. This novel revolves around three young women, Katie, Lacey and Chelsea. There is one thing that holds all three of the characters together and that is the Jenny House. The Jenny House is a house for people with cancer and they all get together over the summer to enjoy every bit of time they have left. The three girls get together this summer for the last time before heading off their own directions. All three have conflicts going on in their lives which they in the end resolve.

Katie must decide between, whether to take the scholarship that is offered to her far away from home or try to work things out an old flame of hers. Chelsea on the other hand must trounce over her feelings of falling in love. The last main character, Lacey, having the most difficult decision of all must convince Jeff, her boyfriend that her feelings towards him can be trusted and she does love him with all his heart. It becomes hard for her to convince the Jeff since they get into arguments constantly and end up blowing up at each other.

What also makes this novel so different from other novels is that it contains inspiring elements that holds people together. Dullas, one of the Jenny House residents who have serious attitude issues often gets in arguments with Katie. Katie has to deal with her attitude since they both live in the same room. Katie never gives up and always tries to convince Dullas and make her understand. "Into every little life, a little rain must fall". This quote gives Katie her most inspiration. As McDaniel's novels revolve around life lessons, yet again she does a good job introducing a new life lesson that people should not give up so easily. Everyone must make an effort to reach somewhere. Many conflicts arise when Lacey and Jeff try to work things out. The novel is mostly based around Lacey's life and Katie, but not so much on Chelsea's. She is seen more of a care taker of the other two girls and the rest of the Jenny House residents.

Lacey and Jeff eventually resolve their arguments when an accident takes place with Jeff. She pours her heart to Jeff and he finally believes the feelings Lacey has for him are worth trusting.

But things don't go their way for too long when a tragedy strikes the Jenny House. It seems like all along that everything is okay and all the girls are going to be okay with their lives and their boyfriends but just when they think things are going fine, something goes wrong. In such a situation they learn to stick with each other and be there for each other when times of hardships come along. As much as we would think that their friendship might be affected by this Jenny House tragedy, the girls try their best to stick together and fight every difficult situation head on. It might seem like they all have their separate ways but in the end they all follow the same path together.

"I know you're grateful to me because I stuck by you when you were in the hospital. Which is more than any other girl has ever done when she sees me like this." This quote easily summarizes what the reader might be looking for. The novel is surrounded with numerous moral lessons.
  • Yndanol
I'm amazed that McDaniel pulled this one off. Her last few novels were so annoying . . . Anyway, you will like this novel.It's full of conflict, Katie having to decide between a track scholarship in Arizona and staying with Josh. Chelsea is trying to overcome her fear of romance and get DJ and Lacey must get through to Dullas, an angry foster child and covince Jeff that she won't dump him again... Rewad to find out what happens to Katie, Josh, Chelsea, DJ, Jeff, Lacey, Kimbra, Dullas and Mr. Holloway.