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» » Kid Favorites Made Healthy: 150 Delicious Recipes Kids Can't Resist (Better Homes and Gardens Cooking)

Kid Favorites Made Healthy: 150 Delicious Recipes Kids Can't Resist (Better Homes and Gardens Cooking) by Better Homes and Gardens

Kid Favorites Made Healthy: 150 Delicious Recipes Kids Can't Resist (Better Homes and Gardens Cooking)
Kid Favorites Made Healthy: 150 Delicious Recipes Kids Can't Resist (Better Homes and Gardens Cooking)
Better Homes and Gardens
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Better Homes and Gardens; 1 edition (December 16, 2003)
192 pages
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Kid-friendly, healthy recipes that taste great and are fun to make.

Practical tips and advice from a panel of experts help parents talk to their kids about healthful living and plan nutritious.

Quick recipes for main dishes, sides, snacks, salads, and desserts use off-the-shelf ingredients.

Complete nutrition information including carbohydrate guidelines and techniques for managing diabetes.

Features recipes for favorite entrées, snacks, and goodiesall with the peace of mind in knowing nutritious meals are the delicious result.

  • Hanelynai
I've been cooking out of this book for years!!! I have raised my 2 sons and now my daughter on these receipes. They're 18, 15, and 3 years old. The boys' favorite? Turkey Burgers & Chicken Tacos. My daughter's? Wheelie Ham Salad. Mine? Cheesy Polenta with Meat Sauce.
The receipes are healthy & quick to make. I appreciate that BH&G lists the Nutritional Facts per Serving for every receipe. This made it easy for me to mark my Weight Watchers Points. I let someone borrow my original copy of this book....I never got it back so I HAD to get another one. I won't make that mistake again!
  • Stonewing
I liked this book because it contains lots of meal ideas. The meals are quick and easy to make and I find the recipes overall to be very kid friendly. I think I made a good buy purchasing this book and I would recommend to other parents that need new meal ideas.
  • virus
This cookbook delivers what the title says: Kid Favorites Made Healthy. So if you want to make healthier chicken nuggets, macaroni and cheese, chili, tacos, banana bread, etc., then this cookbook is a great choice. I was looking more for full menu ideas that would appeal to my 7 and 4 year olds. There is one chapter for Dinner, and one for kid-friendly vegetables, but the rest are breakfast, snacks, lunch, desserts, and party ideas - not what I needed. If you have an overweight child, or are worried that one is heading in that direction, then you should get this. Tasty recipes made healthy, and exercise and nutrition info too!
  • Low_Skill_But_Happy_Deagle
We all enjoy learning something new and this book of recipes has been really fun. My whole family will enjoy using it.
  • Tygokasa
This book is great! Great recipes that the WHOLE family would like.... Cute ideas, easy to complete! Good Buy!!
  • Samulkree
If you like pretty pictures of everyday foods with a slight twist this is for you. If you want creativity, lower calories, foods that use purees then get the Sneaky Chef books. I returned this book.
  • Danial
Modern families with kids are always pressed for time and it is too easy to reach for fast food or packaged processed foods. Here is a book with 150 creative yet simple recipes that will help you put together meals for your kids. These are the kinds of recipes you can even put together with them and teaching kids to cook and prepare their own food is a very valuable life skill. You need to know that although these meals are healthier than the standard versions of these meals, the book is not full of recipes your kids will find strange and not want to eat. By using more fruit, lowering some fat, substituting turkey for higher fat meats where you can, watching the amount of sodium you use, and controlling portion size, you can do a lot to help your kids and teach them to take control of their meals and take responsibility for their health.

I like the fact that all the recipes have nutritional information. As I read them I was still surprised at how high some of the recipes are in sodium. Of course, if you look on packaged and canned foods, the amount of sodium they contain is mind boggling.

The authors have also including a quick description of the dish, timing for preparing the whole dish, how many servings it makes, a clear ingredients list, and the few steps it will take you to put it together. Most of the dishes also include a beautifully shot photo of the meal so you can have a clear vision of what you are trying to create.

The recipes are organized into eight chapters. 1) breakfasts, 2) quick snacks, 3) brown bag lunches, 4) quick salads, 5) dinners, 6) vegetable side dishes, 7) desserts, 8) party ideas.

You don't need to be a master cook to put these recipes together. In fact, you can be a beginner. Many of them as simply assembling items you can purchase and put together. There is some use of the stove, oven, and microwave, but nothing complex. Again, I think one of the great uses of the book is to use these recipes with your kids to teach them how to cook.

Have fun with this delightful collection of simple kid-friendly recipes.

Reviewed by Craig Matteson, Ann Arbor, MI
I think a more appropriate name for this book would be, "Kid Favorites Made Healthier". I was a bit disappointed at the lack of vegetable dishes... or at least ones my family would eat. Having said that, I have actually used this book a lot. The recipes are simple and easily adaptable, for example, I'll use whole grain pastas and tortillas instead of the regular "white" ones called for in the recipes. There are pictures of most of the recipes which is always nice. Potential purchasers should be aware that many of the dishes use store-bought time-savers which was a plus for me but may be a turn-off for others. All in all, a good cookbook with good recipes... not great, but there are some real gems that make it worth the purchase.