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Stepping Into Adulthood by Jeff Brodsky

Stepping Into Adulthood
Stepping Into Adulthood
Jeff Brodsky
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ACW Press; 1 edition (December 31, 1969)
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Book by Brodsky, Jeff
  • Reemiel
I have read the book, "Stepping into Adulthood" by Jeff Brodsky and released quite a bit of the teaching into my church. The aspects that have been particularly helpful have been the parts that deal with a child's identity and destiny. These chapters answer the questions of "Why am I here?; Where am I going?; What is my purpose?"
Also of importance is the chapter on the Rite of Passage into adulthood. This provides a spiritual as well as a practical reason to celebrate Adulthood. The book also gives helpful encouragement and tools to parents to accept the responsibilities of their role in releasing blessing upon their children.
  • Fordrekelv
Jeff Brodsky has brought forth out of his inmost being the very essence and heart of a father. Stepping Into Adulthood explores the fragile, yet incalculably vital connection between fathers and their children. This link, this bond between generations, is staggering in its effect on each one of us, and when it is absent or severed, the damage to our entire personhood is profound.
Jeff has called us back to some very ancient and foundational roots which speak to the very core of our perception of self-worth, and value. Without the affirmation and connection to our fathers, we suffer immeasurably, and every one of our relationships suffer. I cannot too highly recommend this book and the message it carries!
Through my friendship with Jeff over the years, I have seen the effect of this teaching in my own family. Jeff presided over the "Stepping Into Adulthood" ceremonies that we provided for my own teenage son and daughter. Their lives have never wavered from the paths of righteousness, and we have not had to endure the all-too-typical rebellion that so many parents have suffered through. My children know that they are part of a continuum of relationship that goes back centuries, and have taken their place as responsible members of our family and community.
I cannot help but think about how this book, had it found it's way into the homes of the two now-devastated families of the Columbine killers, might have changed the course of these young men's lives, and saved us all from the horror and suffering we have endured here in Littleton. As the presiding pastor at the funeral of slain martyr Rachel Joy Scott, who was murdered at Columbine last year, my heart breaks for this generation of youth. BUY THIS BOOK, and purchase copies to give away to everyone you know who have teens or pre-teens. It will change your family, and is without question the most potent "Vaccination" against future Columbine catastrophes available in print today!
  • Burgas
"Stepping into Adulthood" encourages every family to enjoy the journey of being a parent and to fulfilling the command "...to bringing up your children in the training and admonition of the Lord." Eph. 6:4.
I have seen firsthand how fathers have found life skills though this book, and are now developing lasting relationship with their teenager children.
This book pays eternal dividends.
Yours in His service
  • Fegelv
"Stepping into adulthood" is a blessing and a very helpful instrument for parents who want to provide a different transition to their children from adolescence to adulthood. In our society today, parents have not spent time with their children. This can be dangerous and frustrating for a young person. Reading and performing the lessons contained in this book, parents will be able to have in mind how is important paying attention to their children's lives, and help them in their problems by being a friend and a counselor to them. Teenagers need somebody to look up to and to count on in order to pass this important phase of their lives. This book provides a powerful tool to parents deal with their children by the named "rite of passage" which will be worthwhile for the rest of their lives. Parents: get this book! Your children will be thankful!
  • Kakashkaliandiia
The process of a boy growing into a godly man is not only unclear, its fraught with huge gaps as a result of our permissive and money centred culture.
There needs to be a tangible definition of what a man is using a model that is true ie Jesus himself. Then there needs to be a process in which we can put into effect from the preschool years to the teenage years in order to achieve the definition established.
Jeff Brodsky has enlightened many issues involved in this process and provided great insights. If you are serious about raising your son God's way, read this book and others to provide a good base of knowledge and Godly wisdom.
The concepts involved are very radical in the face of our materialistic and fast lane culture. These concepts are in the heart of God.