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» » Spider-Man: Big Time Ultimate Collection

Spider-Man: Big Time Ultimate Collection by Humberto Ramos,Dan Slott

Spider-Man: Big Time Ultimate Collection
Spider-Man: Big Time Ultimate Collection
Humberto Ramos,Dan Slott
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Marvel (June 20, 2012)
520 pages
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Peter Parker has finally hit the Big Time. He's a full-fledged Avenger, he just landed a high-paying science job, and he has an amazing new girlfriend. But big-time living means big-time pressure! When the Hobgoblin returns, Spidey will need a slick new edge to defeat him. And when the Scorpion targets J. Jonah Jameson and his loved ones, Spider-Man must grapple with matters of life and death in a moving and compelling tale. Then, Spidey is asked to join the FF, adding even more to his already overful plate. Peter has never been one to shirk his responsibility, but will all his new commitments prove too much to handle? Plus: a new and strangely familiar Venom makes his debut! COLLECTING: Amazing Spider-Man 648, 649-662, 654.1
  • Shakataxe
bought this for my nine year old to help her sharpen her reading skills and she found it dark at first but went back and has re-read it at least three times. it mentions cpt america and bucky once which was pretty cool. the pictures are vibrant and again - this is a comic book so there will be violence so be forewarned if gifting to a kid. a nice thick book to collect no matter your age.
  • Doktilar
I really enjoyed this comic one of dan slots best runs and the art was really good I would like to give it 5 stars but I am giving it 4 stars because I didn't enjoy some of the issues because of the artist change other than that it's really good and great jumping point for new readers if they want to read old stuff.
  • SupperDom
I haven't been keeping up to date with Marvel Universe, and these Spidey stories surprised me, as it appears a lot has changed. Peter Parker isn't married to Mary Jane, and Human Torch is apparently dead. Because of these shocking developments, I don't enjoy these stories that much. I much rather enjoy the Essential series, black and white but my Spider-Man I remember and love. But I still enjoy this Big Time collection, although I enjoy old school Spidey more.
  • inetserfer
I would put this book in my top 5 best collections of Spider-man stories and would recommend it to anyone as an example of "as good as it gets" Spidey. It measures right up with the David Micheline, JM Dematties, Tom Defalco issues. There is a great variety of stories complimented by different art styles throughout this over 400 page paperback. Most importantly there is humanity, suspense, action, and tragedy balanced with the one thing that should never be missing from Spider-man: HUMOR.
  • Xmatarryto
Depending on what you're looking for in a Spider-man book, this could be a great choice.

This collects a bunch of issues from around 2010-2011, I believe. The status quo in the book is post-Brand New Day, so Peter Parker is single but friends with Mary Jane, J. Jonah Jameson is mayor of NYC, and Spider-man is part of the Avengers (and closely tied to the Fantastic Four/Future Foundation as well).

If you're looking for iconic showdowns with classic Spidey villains, there aren't any in this book. Hobgoblin, Kingpin, the Scorpion, and Venom all make appearances, but they're really pretty minor parts of the book. The new (or new to me) villains that show up aren't particularly interesting or exciting.

Also if you're looking for deep analysis or big changes to Peter Parker's life, there isn't much of that either. He does start a new job (as a scientist, finally) near the start of the book, but he keeps that throughout the issues, keeps the same girlfriend throughout, and otherwise is still the same guy at the end than at the beginning.

So why am I rating this so highly? Three reasons:

1) This is probably the most fun Spider-man book I have ever read. Dan Slott has a fantastic comic pacing, and gets the Spider-man witty banter so well that I actually laughed out loud a handful of times. Spider-man can be a tough character because he's built around so much tragedy, but also requires that light-hearted self-deprecating humor while he's in costume, and there is that in abundance here.

2) The couple of issues that are tragic are outstanding and extremely touching. In the middle of the book, one character dies during a battle, and the issue where Spider-man and the rest of the cast deal with that is brilliant. So many people have died around Spider-man that it can seem cheap or cliche to have it happen again, but this issue pulls it off perfectly. Then just two issues later, Spider-man connects with the Fantastic Four and reminisces about Johnny Storm (who I guess had just died in the comics, though of course he got better). Even though I've never read much FF, that issue also was wonderful and a great tribute to friendship.

3) The writing makes great use of (and pokes fun at) how over-exposed a popular character like Spider-man can be. How is one guy in the Avengers, and in the FF, and has his own adventures and somehow doesn't have tons of superhero friends to call when he has to save the city (yet again). In this book he does call on those friends a lot, and it makes the case for both how he can contribute to teams with gods like Thor and Iron Man, and also how he ends up doing his own thing sometimes. A lot of the tension is about him juggling all these responsibilities and how draining too much Spider-man can be.

When Spider-man is this well-written, I don't get tired of him. I know Dan Slott has now written an absurd number of Spider-man comics, and though I haven't read a whole lot of them, this book is a sign that Spider-man is in good hands.
  • kewdiepie
I absolutely loved the beginning of this collection with the artwork done by Humberto Ramos! The story and art are just fantastic and it was a great read, but near the end of the novel the artist changes and it really threw me off. The art is just SO different from the art in the beginning comics and it's really not that good. I didn't enjoy the last half nearly as much mainly because of the art style. The story line is pretty good and I think I'll be reading the next ones but I really hope that the art goes back to being good again.
  • Ahieones
If you love Spider-Man, but haven't been reading the comics, but you want to get caught up.. this is the book you need. This collection will brief you and bring you up to speed on a whole bunch of long term changes in Peter Parker's life. I've always been a Spider-Man fan, but haven't read the comics since I was a kid. I picked up a Spider-Man comic, and even though it's the same character I always loved, the status quo had completely changed. He has an awesome job, there's a new and familiar mayor, he's a member of a few super teams, he's seeing a new girl these days.

I was able to follow the new comics by accepting these things, but I had no idea how and when the changes all took place until I picked up this collection. It's not just a good briefing on Spider-Man's new state of affairs, it's a great read. If you're gonna start reading spidey again, and don't know where to start, start here.

And don't worry about the whole "Big Time" thing. It's true, he's finally getting what we've all thought he's deserved all these years. Some would think that this changes the character too much. It's true that he's always been defined by the fact that he sacrifices so much in his personal life because of his super hero life that he can't hold down a good job or relationship. Don't worry. Peter Parker hasn't changed, and his life is still filled with challenges. The challenges are just different, and the super hero challenges are bigger and better. Peter Parker has finally grown up.

One of my favorite moments in this collection is a nice little moment where Aunt May flashes back to a conversation between her and Peter from way back and we're treated to a panel from Amazing Spider-Man #1.
Great for a new young reader to be introduced to Spiderman. Got this and Vol. 1 for my 9 year old niece and she loves them.