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» » Age of Sail ll: Prima's Official Strategy Guide

Age of Sail ll: Prima's Official Strategy Guide by Inc. Talonsoft

Age of Sail ll: Prima's Official Strategy Guide
Age of Sail ll: Prima's Official Strategy Guide
Inc. Talonsoft
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Prima Games (November 2000)
192 pages
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Wage campaigns and live history!Grab a copy of Age of Sail II: Prima's Official Strategy Guide before you command your ships to victory. Prima's guide will help you capitan the most memorable ship in history, offering you Prima's help. Prima's Official Strategy Guide give's you:• A fundamental glossary of naval terms for expert ship navigation and management• Detailed information on ship design for identification of enemy and allied ships• Effective training tips for expert seamen and landlubbers alike• Critical naval strategies for 100 historical missions• Tips on surviving battle in single-player mode and multiplayer mode
  • Whilingudw
I have no problems with well-written guides to computer games. At best, they yield insight; at worst, they save a little time. The Age of Sail II strategy guide ends up doing neither but is a good history book.
The manual to the game is terrible. Usually, guides flesh out the mechanics of game play. Not so here. No mention is made of how things are done in the game. Instead the book is made up of a glossary, comments on naval life, tactics and ships in the late 18th and early nineteenth centuries and discussions of historical scenarios.
The glossary is padded. Knowing what a "club tack" may be useful for the game (the play isn't explained) but most people know what a pistol is.
The historical commentary is good for beginners but how many beginners will buy this game without a friend who already knows these basics urging on the purchase? What would have been nice is adding commentary on the hypothetical campaigns. To wit, what must be done to acheive different levels of victory. Not a word on campaigns is mentioned,
Like the game, this book was rushed out the door. The game can be patched; the book can't.
  • Jockahougu
I know there have been a plethora of reviews that extoll the problems with this game but I find this game terrific none the less. I haven't played it enough to experience a crash but I can say from what I have experienced that I love it. I was a fan of the Microprose game "Broadsides" on the Atari 800 and I've been looking for a replacement forever. This game, and the earlier version, fits the bill except being 3D it is by far better. If you like battle in the age of sail you'll probably like this game...flaws and all.
  • Quttaro
a must have for miniature ship wargamers.