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Exodus (French Language Version) (French Edition) by Leon Uris

Exodus (French Language Version) (French Edition)
Exodus (French Language Version) (French Edition)
Leon Uris
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Distribooks Inc (December 23, 2002)
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Exodus is an international publishing phenomenon--the towering novel of the twentieth century's most dramatic geopolitical event.  Leon Uris magnificently portrays the birth of a new nation in the midst of enemies--the beginning of an earthshaking struggle for power.  Here is the tale that swept the world with its fury: the story of an American nurse, an Israeli freedom fighter caught up in a glorious, heartbreaking, triumphant era.  Here is Exodus --one of the great best-selling novels of all time.From the Paperback edition.
  • Nirn
A great primer on why the people of this region are as successful as they've become. It even answers some of the questions on why these marvelous people have been so mistreated! They've suffered the same fate as those who have single-mindedly persevered throughout the ages! If one could, one should read ''The Source'' by Michener as a companion read.
As one whose family could well have been so called 'maranos' as they made their ways into the new world, this book makes one appreciative of the people to which our culture hero, Jesus, belonged.
I am more now, than before, a supporter of Israel, and the diverse people who make up, 'This Land'.!
  • Ironrunner
Although historical fiction, Exodus exposed me to a part of history where I knew very little. Reviews of the book by critics suggest that it is not entirely historically accurate and was a propaganda piece. I suspect the truth is somewhere in the middle. One cannot deny that the Jews were treated abysmally during World War 2 and what I did not know was how badly they were treated by the Allies, especially the British, after the war. The story of how a people created a country under unimaginable odds is an inspiration. I understand, why Exodus became a bestseller when it was first released in 1958.
  • deadly claw
Leon Uris obviously had an agenda when he wrote this book -- the characters are real and the historic events are also incredibly real. I have seen the movie many, many times (I can never get enough of Paul Newman!) But it does not complete the story as well as the book. I feel incredibly grateful to know the (all be it) limited history of this part of the world. With the wars continuing to rage in that part of the world, and the incredible nation the Jewish people have built out of the desert -- they deserve everything they have! Do I recommend it??? Of course!
  • unmasked
Have read this book for the 3rd time and each time i learn a little bit more about the middle east conflict at least from Leon Uris' perspective.

However, it does seem that his books follow a sort of pattern where one of the heroic characters dies near the end of the book and there are always star crossed lovers who never seem to be able to connect with each other as circumstance and chance always seem to intervene.

the history is interesting but i like historical fiction.

If you are interested in this time of world history i would suggest that you read The Haj (also by Leon Uris) first; then Exodus to get the abbreviated history of the reestablishment of Israel and the source of the Arab Israeli conflict.

if you are interested in the history of WWII - which i think most of us should be as that was really what made the USA a super power then i would suggest that you read Winds of War and War and Rememberance by Herman Wouk both are excellent excellent books with interesting characters and one gets some insight into Hitler, Stalin, Churchill but not so much Roosevelt or Mussolini (but Italy did not seem to play a big role in WWII).

If you want to read about the formation of East and West Berlin and the Russian/Communist attempt to claim all of Europe after Germany surrendered then you should read Armageddon also by Leon Uris.

i find history very interesting but can't just sit and read a history book but historical fiction can make the history come alive.

we should all learn more about history - we don't know why were here until we know where we have been.
  • Kamuro
This is an interesting look into one of the factors in the end of British colonialism and the physical birthing of the Jewish State, the idea for which was openly described by Theodor Herzl. The ongoing conflict between the British (with apparently divided hearts and loyalties), the residents of the Palestine area, and those desperately hoping to be a part of the creation of the "new" homeland for Israel in a historically Israeli area.

The author, Leon Uris (a U.S. Marine serving in the Pacific Theater in WW II) who had more than a passing interest in Jewish affairs, speaks in this tale to numerous situations..."refugee problems", political complications, and individual concerns as the drama initiated by the Balfour Declaration and the Palestine Mandate played out. He reminds us that the ambiguities of the British behaviors between the end of WW I and the U.N. recognition of a Jewish State seem to have been motivated in part by the the reason seems to be the age-old one...the oil interests in the Middle East that have lured numerous players into conflict in the region.

It is a brilliant piece of fiction, though it appears quite accurate to the historical facts. It's facinating, riviting, and heart-rending.