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» » Man & Woman, Boy & Girl: Gender Identity from Conception to Maturity (The Master Work Series)

Man & Woman, Boy & Girl: Gender Identity from Conception to Maturity (The Master Work Series) by Anke A. Ehrhardt,John Money

Man & Woman, Boy & Girl: Gender Identity from Conception to Maturity (The Master Work Series)
Man & Woman, Boy & Girl: Gender Identity from Conception to Maturity (The Master Work Series)
Anke A. Ehrhardt,John Money
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Jason Aronson, Inc. (January 1, 1996)
311 pages
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Medicine & Health Sciences
How do men become men and women become women? How does a child establish gender identity? By what processes is the human being directed toward reproductive maturity as either male or female?In Man and Woman, Boy and Girl, John Money and Anke Ehrhardt offer a comprehensive account of sexual differentiation using genetics, embryology, endocrinology and neuro-endocrinology, psychology, and anthropology. Their multidisciplinary approach to gender identity avoids the old arguments over nature versus nurture. Money and Ehrhardt focus instead on the interaction of hereditary endowment and environmental influence.Money and Ehrhardt's work will lead many readers to the conclusion that the differences between man and man, or woman and woman, can be as great as between man and woman. A new model of sexual differentiation emerges from this conclusion. It indicates that the social roles of men and women, rather than being fixed by membership in a sexual caste, should be related to individual biography, achievement, and incentives.Still the most thorough treatment of the subject, this latest printing contains a new preface by John Money.
  • Ximathewi
John Money & Anke A. Ehrhardt
Man & Woman, Boy & Girl

(Baltimore, MD: Johns Hopkins UP, 1972) 311 pages

A strong argument that the differences we observe
between men and women are cultural rather than biological.
Rather technical, but very thought-provoking.

If you would like to know about other books on 'masculinity' and 'femininity',
search the Internet for the following bibliography:
"Best Books on Gender-Personality".

James Leonard Park, creator of the Gender-Pattern Chart.
  • Detenta
While the premise is soundly stated - masculinity and femininity are entirely culturally conditioned concepts, and sexual orientation is mutable - it is absolutely false. The case study that is central to the book's thesis - the case of David Reimer (a.k.a. the John/Joan Case) - was both a complete failure and an act of gross medical malpractice that drove two young children into mental/emotional illness and eventual suicide - not to mention the other cases, which, by Dr. Money's intervention, lead to the confusion, dysphoria, and maladjustment of dozens, if not hundreds, more.

Many of the "facts" stated in this book have been called out as outright lies by the medical community at large. This book ignited a scientific revolution in all of the wrong directions, and its postulations - still accepted by many outside of the scientific world today - have lead to decades of setback in the acceptance of LGBT individuals in the West.

If I had as many copies of this book as I have seconds wasted reading it, I'd make sure all of them were in Hell, with its downright sociopath of an author.
  • Tolrajas
This was required reading in my human sexuality class in college. I thought it was well presented and researched. It defies some of the gender role and gender identification theories by explaining the gender spectrum in very graphic terms. It will make some people VERY uncomfortable, but it makes a valid point I believe, there are many ways to define gender and how individuals identify with their gender. It does not support the popular theory that we are born genetically predisposed to a particular sexual orientation. Instead the book suggests that regardless of how male or how female you may be genetically you may choose which sex you prefer in your physical or emotional relationships. Blasphemy to some, but it goes a long way to clearing up some of the ambiguity about gender roles and gender identification.
  • Kale
The author made a bunch of money touting his claim that there's no genetic basis in gender identity. This book is part of that campaign. His telling case study later turned out to have been an elaborate charade.
This book is well written and well researched. It is possible that two people could be genetic different in that one has a y chromasone and the other an x chromasone yet both have genitals that are similar. Everything in between is possible regardless of one genes because genes are not the only thing that determines appearance.
The point of the book is to present the facts, not to advocate for a certain group of people. Read the book and form your own opinions.