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Spaniard's Revenge, The (Romance S.) by Susan Stephens

Spaniard's Revenge, The (Romance S.)
Spaniard's Revenge, The (Romance S.)
Susan Stephens
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Mills & B. (January 2, 2004)
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  • Umor
I'm not sure how this book is getting so many 5 star reviews. If possible, I wouldn't have given it any stars. SPOILER ALERT: The whole story was a badly written convoluted mess that mainly left me confused. Story lines are started, but never developed. It starts out with Xavier wanting to seek revenge for what -- we don't know -- except it has something to do with Sophie and a car crash. And in the span of 3 pages, suddenly he cares deeply for her? Sophie, we are told, is a competent doctor who suffers from debilitating panic attacks... who has never sought treatment. Hmm. We think this has something to do with the car crash, but we don't know. Odd story lines are just tossed in and never fully explained. Sophie cowers at odd times as if she's afraid of being beaten, but then later admits no one ever hit her??? I felt absolutely no chemistry between Sophie and Xavier despite the fact they were going at it like rabbits pretty much everywhere. Two random ex's of theirs are tossed into the story... for what? I have no idea. Both Xavier and Sophie seem to suffer from severe low self esteem and bipolar disorder because out of the blue and for no realistic reason, they suddenly become madly jealous of another character who never really seemed to be a threat. Oh, and the big build up where he has to tell his mother that he's in love with the "enemy's" daughter... was like a paragraph and never fully developed. UGH! They spend the last 25% of the book in bed which would have been fine if there had been anything like a plausible story leading up to it. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME OR MONEY! To sum it all up. It jumped around, was hard to follow and didn't make any dang sense at all.

There are WAY better choices out there. I only finished this book because it was too late to return it and I hoped it might have a decent ending. I was wrong.
  • Brialelis
I love this book. It's a great story linr. .. ... .... .Have several of her books and keep adding more n more
  • Marinara
This is the first time I've read anything by Susan Stephens but after this I want to read more of her books. This was really a nice romance. The back cover says: "A millionaire consumed with revenge... The ford family caused Xavier Bordiu's brother's death. Now Sophie Ford works for him! Tempted by her beauty, Xavier will take his revenge in the most pleasurable way...
Sophie is still a virgin. But, as Xavier's skillful seduction awakens Sophpie's sensuality, he finds the ice around his own heart beginning to melt. This is not the kind of revenge on which the Spaniard has bargained!" They are both doctors working on a project Xavier runs in Peru. The setting is unique. Xavier and Sophie are both kind. I really enjoyed this book.
  • Nightscar
Where was Doctor Martinez when I needed him? Well done, Susan!
  • Anayanis
Sultry, [interesting], and emotional - I'm hooked.